Monday, 4 November 2013

Bicycle chic

With temperatures getting lower, it's apparent we're heading for winter. In my case, this also means a near end of cycling season. If there's no snow, you could stretch it well into winter, but I'm not a big fan of icy wind ripping my face off.

But I am a big fan of bicycles. This spring I actually bought my first proper bike. It actually has gears, brakes that work and a basket (the most important thing!). And yes, it's pink. :)
I used it while running errands around the city, meeting for lunch or just grabbing a take away coffee at the local coffeeshop (or petrol station). :D

Bikes are great. They run on fat, cost nothing and with a basket you can actually transport stuff (not exactly appropriate for moving house, but you know).
Plus, this article made me quite happy, hoping that someday bikes will be number one means of transport.

And bikes are almost becoming a fashion statement, doesn't matter what kind you have; a really girly one, a fixie or your dad's old racer. Just don't forget to wear something chic along the way.

cycle chic
 This lady knows what I'm talking about. (Source)

A free flowing dress is also so cute when riding a bike, just wear pretty underwear if you know what I mean. ;)

But it's November, so my lovely velocipede will have to stay inside and wait for warmer days.

Unlike these two ladies below, they seem low temperatures just don't bother them at all. :)

cycle chic
bicycle chic

What about you guys? Also pedalling around town or prefering something else? Please tell me what is your bicycle chic wardrobe! 

Have fun!

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