Sunday, 22 September 2013

The smell of Lidl

Couple of weeks ago I stumbled across some blog posts stating that Lidl created a dupe of Coco Mademoiselle fragrance by Chanel and that it is pretty damn good and costs just a couple of euros. If I remember correctly it even won in a blind test and because I love a good gimmick, I rushed to my local Lidl and checked stuff out.

The Lidl perfume costs 3,99 euros, it's Eau de Parfum, it's a 50ml glass bottle and it's named Suddenly Madame Glamour (I cringe every time I hear this silly name).
I sprayed some on my wrist, thinking it will probably go sour in a couple of minutes and went to check out the fancy Chanel in a local perfume store.

The price for the Coco  Mademoiselle is of course a lot higher, around 75 euros for 50 ml. And the smell? To my amateur nose, it smelled almost completely the same. 
And the good news was - the Lidl perfume didn't start smelling like a toilet deodoriser in couple of hours, it stayed the same well into the evening.

And yes, I went back to Lidl and bought myself a bottle. Heck, it's cheap and in my opinion it smells very feminine and classic, perfect for day and night, winter and summer.
suddenly madame glamour

Oh and P.S.: There is also a man's fragrance called X-Bolt (another stupid name, I know). I took a whiff of that one as well and it smells quite sexy. This one supposedly won the blind test as well. Now you know gents!

Any comments are appreciated. Would you buy a perfume from a supermarket? ;)


  1. i'm a gent and looking for a new perfume....would you recommend me x-bolt so that i could get ladies??

  2. Hehe zanimivo, tegale iz Lidla imam doma pa priznam da ga še nisem povohala, sem zmeraj mislila da je en cheap s**t. Po tej prebrani objavi mu moram dat priložnost :)

    1. Ma morm rečt da mi ni slab no, ne deluje tok cheap, vsaj mojemu amaterskemu nosu ne. :D