Monday, 2 September 2013

A cup of September

Hello everyone!

Yep, it's September. The official end of summer, and the beginning of short days, cold feet and layered clothes. In my case it also means the end of lollygagging and actually getting something done. Like finding a job, posting more blog posts, painting something, going to the dentist. I find that I'm much more productive in the colder months, in summer I tend to daydream too much (it's probably due to the warm weather and the smell of the sea).

Any when you need to get things done, you can't go wrong with some caffeine fix. Now, I'm not a typical coffee junkie, I can easily go for days without it and in the morning, coffee isn't the first thing on my mind (the first thing is actually food - oh dear god help me). :)

But there is something magical about preparing your coffee, you know, it's like a ritual. No sugar, with milk. Throw in a croissant and we're talking!

What about you? How do you take your coffee? ;)


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