Monday, 19 August 2013

Monday Lunch: Couscous with vegetables

Hello everyone!

I did an unnatural thing today - I cooked. I'm really not much of a cook, I can only manage simple dishes, like pasta. Today I decided to mix some couscous with random vegetables I had in my fridge.

So the ingredients were something like this:

- couscous (doh)
- green peppers
- tomatoes
- onions
- corn
- peas
- carrots

... and of course some oil, salt, pepper, chilli powder and I also added a ton of sweet paprika (I simply love this stuff).

I cooked couscous and added all the vegetables in a pan and just let it simmer for a while, so the veggies cooked and the couscous absorbed all the yummy flavours.

It wasn't bad, I tell you. You should try it! ;) Bon apetit!

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